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Related article: moist crack of my butt. It took a little effort to line up the head of his
cock with my little asshole. It felt so warm against my sphincter. I
struggled to get his cock to Little Lolita Bbs penetrate my asshole. Dad woke up before
his cock entered my ass. When he realized what I was trying to do he
shoved his hips forward driving his cock deep into my asshole.
The pain was like a hot poker being shoved into my ass, but I bit
my lip to keep from letting him know how much it hurt. He started
fucking me slowly, and slowly the pain subsided. I felt proud of myself,
because I had not begged him to stop. I loved the idea that my father
was actually fucking me. I had heard about men fucking each other, and
now I was finding out that I like it. While my father continued fucking
me, he asked me if I liked it. When I whispered that I loved what he
was doing very much, he kissed the back of my neck. The only way I
knew when he was getting close to cumming was the increased speed of
his fucking, and the raspy breathing. When he squirted his cum into my
butt I felt how easily his cock slipped in and out of my butt. I felt a rush
of pride in myself.
Dad fell back asleep, while leaving his cock buried deep in my
ass. I felt the swelling in his cock decrease, releasing some of the
pressure in my sphincter. It didn't require much effort on my part to
disengage his cock from my ass. I slowly pulled my pajama bottoms
back Little Lolita Bbs
up. I felt the material stick to my butt because of the cum leaking
out of my asshole. I fell asleep feeling proud of myself.
The next morning when the warming sun woke me up, I was
confused, but I was still very excited by the feelings remaining from the
night before. The proof of what had taken place the night before was his
cum still leaking out of my ass when I moved. It felt weird that the wet
pajamas were held in place by the dried cum sticking them to my butt. It
felt weird to me having my pajamas stuck to my body. I realized that my
father had got up already. I took off my pajamas and exited the tent to
wash my butt in the nearby stream.
I managed to endure the shock of the cold water, as I washed my
butt. I even tried to expel the remaining cum in my ass, but I'm sure
some remained. My underwear was spotted with cum for a couple of
days afterwards. My asshole throbbed for a couple of days too, just to
remind me about what had happened.
It was my decision the next time I wanted Dad to fuck me. We
had been home for awhile, when I started thinking about having sex
again. The opportunity came when mother decided to visit a friend of
hers. We drove her across the island to deliver her to Little Lolita Bbs the home of her
friend. On the ride home I let Dad know what I wanted by reaching
over and placing my hand on the bulge in his pants.
Dad stopped at a motel on the way home. While I was settling
down in the room watching some pay-per-view porn movies on the
television, Dad made a quick run to a local haberdashery. When he
returned he showed me some sexy lingerie he had bought for me. As
soon as I saw what he had bought for me I got a hard-on. There was a
baby-doll nightgown, a variety of sexy stockings, ranging from fish-net
to dark self-supporting nylons and some nasty looking butt plugs. I was
still just a kid, and needed all of the help I could get to get used to anal
That day Dad fucked me for the first time with me on my hands
and knees. I had thought I was being rebellious by growing my hair
shoulder length. When I didn't want my hair getting wet with sweat I
would pull it back into a ponytail. Dad grabbed me by my hair, as he
guided his cock into my asshole. I felt like a pony as he pulled my head
back as he rammed his cock deep into my ass. I was sweating while he
fucked me. It came as a surprise to me that having his cock rubbing my
prostrate from inside my asshole would actually made me squirt cum all
over the motel floor.
After I had cum Dad sat in the chair next to the window, and
had me straddle his legs. He guided his cock back into my asshole, so
that I could bounce up and down on his cock until he pulled my hips
down onto his lap, while he deposited Little Lolita Bbs his cum in my ass for the second
We played around while he recovered. I jacked him off while we
watched a video of some guy fucking another guy. I was fascinated to
see a guy with a little boy sized cock and wrinkled little dark balls, that
he was also sporting big breasts. I had never seen a transsexual before.
When Dad's cock came to life again, we experimented with so many
ways of getting fucked by him. One of the easiest was for me to lay on
my side with him behind me. I bent my top leg as he inserted his cock.
He would just rock back and forth, while he clung to my nipples. My
asshole hurt for awhile before it got numb. When I complained to him
that my ass hurt, he told me that he would give my ass a rest, if I would
suck his cock. Ha...Ha
I was to learn that he liked someone to deep-throat his cock. He
was not shy about demonstrating to me how to deep-throat a cock. I
loved face fucking Little Lolita Bbs
his mouth. When I tried to deep-throat him I choked
on it several times before I managed to take his cock down my throat.
We never slept that night. I think he came in my mouth three times
before morning. His cock was so far down my throat I didn't even have
to swallow. Dad really got off on cumming in my mouth. I would gasp
for air while drinking cum. Occasionally some of his cum would dribble
and bubble out of my nose.
I became Daddy's boy-pussy. We would find ways to get some
privacy, so we could enjoy sex. Daddy fucked Little Lolita Bbs from the age of 11 to the
age of 26. Eventually I grew up and got married, but I have never got
over the love of my father.
We would take trips together, and did things like going hunting
together. That way we could camp out far enough away from anyone, to
be sure we would have total privacy. We could make all the noise we
wanted without worrying about anyone disturbing us. He would bring
along plenty of sex lingerie and sex toys to use on me. I would get
dressed up in the lingerie, and parade around for his benefit, while
talking like a girl. He would run his fingers through my hair, while
feeling me up. He would eventually pull my tight panties aside, and
stick his cock in my boy pussy. I loved the feel of his cock in my ass.
There were times that we just couldn't contain ourselves. He
would slip into my bedroom and fuck me while mother and my brother
were in the house. I could never refuse him. It was thrilling to have sex
with him, while running the risk of being caught. I got off deep
throating him, while we could hear Mom working in the kitchen. The
only problem was not being able to scream out when I would cum while
he was fucking my ass. That was just the price I had to pay to be able to
have sex with him anytime.
When I was 18-years-old my parents separated, so I chose to live
with Dad. That was probably the best year of my life. I was Dad's wife
for a year. I would greet him at the door every night after work all
decked out like a sexy girl. We would fuck before he would shower for
dinner. At night I would wait for Dad in bed pretending to be asleep,
wearing his favorite panties, a tight red thong that gave him easy access
to my asshole. He would just pull the strip to the side and penetrate me
as he lay on top of me. He did that to me almost every night. I would
also suck his cock clean afterwards. It was a year of pure lust. It felt
like I had cum in my ass almost all of the time. Little Lolita Bbs I would go to school my
senior year every day well fucked, with a throbbing asshole.
During the last three months I lived with Dad, I remember buying
some miniskirts to go with my sexy stockings. My Dad's favorite one
was a black rubber like miniskirt. He always complimented me, saying
how nice it made my butt look. He couldn't resist pulling it up in back
and ramming his cock up my ass.
He started asking me to have a threesome with one of my uncles.
The only time it happened, Dad was telling me how much I would love
it. So I accepted, because I could never refuse him anything. He called
his younger brother, and invited him Little Lolita Bbs over for dinner the next evening. I
wore my largest butt plug all day, while preparing the dinner for the date.
Before Little Lolita Bbs my uncle was to arrive I got all dolled up in my best stockings,
panties, and sexiest miniskirt.
I was sweating because I was anticipating being double
penetrated by Dad and my uncle. Dad's plan was for me to wait for
them in Dad's bed, drinking some wine and watching porn, so that I
would be ready for them when they got home after dinner.
When they got home Dad and my uncle came into the bedroom
hugging and kissing. When my uncle saw me sprawled out on the bed,
he got excited. My uncle said, "I see why you have not been around in
ages to grease up my man pussy." They stripped off their clothes in a
flash. They might have been a little shy about the situation, because their
cocks were limp at first. When they got on the bed with me, their cocks
were too soft to penetrate me at first. I took turns sucking their cocks
and jacking them off to get them hard enough for my use, when I
gagged on their cocks that did the trick, because they got rock hard after
We started off letting my uncle fuck me to loosen me up, while I
deep-throated Dad. When my uncle saw me take all of Dad's cock
down my throat, he began fucking me like a mad man. I had to even
stop sucking Dad, to scream in pleasure. WOW...that was great; he
fucked with a different style and pace. He was grasping my hip with a
big hand and hanging onto my hair with the other hand...but we had to
stop before my uncle came.

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